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1. Receipt of order:
You send us your banner lay-out. Basically we offer three different ways how you may send your data.
- on CD (by mail: NBD 24 GmbH - Department bannerprint24 - Feldstr. 158 – D-46485 Wesel)
- by email ( max. 10 MB
- by webupload (we offer this in our order system. You can upload your data from your hard drive directly onto our server)

If you have a large file we recommend burning it onto a CD.

2. Payment
Your may pay by using PayPal or by paying in advance.

3. Handling
We will edit the data you sent us and we will improve them graphically if necessary. In case of problems with your files we will contact you by telephone or by email.
If the file meets all demands, it will go into production.

4. Shipping
Normally our logistics partner will deliver your goods within 5 – 10 work days.

You will receive your banner produced by bannerprint24.